Gladys K. Connelly

HouseKeeping & Cleaning Expert

Gladys K. Connelly has 10 years of experience as a professional housekeeper. Since 2018, she joined the team of thehousewire to write about housekeeping and to deliver useful cleaning tips and tutorials to the readers.



  • Seven years of teaching and instructing experience on the English Lexicon.
  • Extensive knowledge in housekeeping for a significant hotel involving ensuring daily neatness, cleaning, sanitizing, organizing, and infection control.


Gladys derives excellent delight and pleasure from assisting people in making the best decisions for their homes when it comes to cleaning and organization.

She uses her best skills to make this possible, that’s housekeeping and English.

Having obtained her B.S, English from Appalachian State in 2001, she moved on to Watauga County Schools to teach.

There, she was charged with delivering lessons in English in a planned way for her audience, and maintaining interpersonal relationships with parents and other school personnel.

Seven years later, she began working as a housekeeping specialist for Best Western Hotels & Resorts, Charlotte.

Still furthering her communication skills as part of an interdisciplinary team, her duties changed. As several parts of a hotel, including private rooms, offices, common areas, and so on require cleaning, Gladys gained substantial experience in this role.

She gathered useful and practical knowledge of the best types of products for different rooms and equipment.

She learned the best products and methods to clean and organize virtually every area of home possible. Furniture, closets, walls, floors, bathrooms, you name it, Gladys has firsthand experience with it all.

TheHouseWire was lucky enough to have such a professional join their team at the beginning of 2017.

Since then, Gladys has committed herself to create fascinating and astute content for her readers. Through her baked experience, independent and impartial research, many readers have found products suitable for their needs and organized their homes to make their own spaces.


Gladys graduated with honors from Appalachian State University with a degree in English.

  • Expertise: HouseKeeping, Walls, Writing, Teaching, English
  • Education: Appalachian State University
  • Location: Hastings, Florida, United States.
  • Title: Housekeeping Technical Writer