Claire O

Founder & Chief Editor

Home Improvement Enthusiast

  • Expertise: Home Care, Cleaning Techniques, Sustainable Living
  • Education: Toulouse Law School, Additional Training in Quality Software Engineering


  • Founder and driving force behind Thehousewire, a leading resource in home improvement and cleaning advice.
  • Prior experience as a legal counsel, offering her insights into the intricacies of law and business operations.
  • Transitioned to the tech industry as a quality software engineer, eventually taking a lead role in project management
  • Passionate baker known for her delectable cakes and tarts.
  • Uses a data-driven approach to evaluate and recommend home improvement solutions on Thehousewire.
  • Emphasizes the importance of combining aesthetics with functionality in home spaces, drawing from her project management expertise.


“A home should be a reflection of those who dwell within – a place of comfort, memories, and growth. Through thehousewire, I hope to inspire and assist others in crafting such spaces.”



Starting her career as a legal counsel, Claire sharpened her analytical skills and developed a keen sense for detail. These skills would later prove invaluable when she transitioned to the tech industry, training to become a quality software engineer. In her current role as a lead project manager, Claire harmonizes her analytical process and project management abilities to ensure excellence in execution.

However, parallel to her professional evolutions, Claire has always harbored a deep passion for home care and improvement. With her expansive knowledge of home care and improvement, she has been the guiding light of Thehousewire since its inception. Her journey began out of personal interest and swiftly evolved into a mission to help others create efficient, cozy, and sustainable living spaces.

Growing up, Claire was always the go-to person in her family when it came to maintaining a tidy and functional home. Whether it was organizing a space, selecting the best cleaning products, or giving life to old furniture, her innate flair for creating warm and welcoming spaces set her apart.

Over the years, Claire has delved deep into the home care industry, rigorously testing cleaning products, home products, and essentials, and sharing her genuine reviews. Her analytical mindset, paired with her commitment to detailed research, positions her as a trusted figure in the home improvement domain. The Thehousewire Product Review section stands as a testament to her dedication, offering readers unbiased, informed advice on selecting the best products for their homes.

Claire’s articles, tips, and advice have been read by thousands of homeowners and home improvement enthusiasts, and she often collaborates with experts to ensure her readers are provided with the best solutions.

One of the milestones of her career is the establishment of Thehousewire, which under her leadership, has grown to be a significant resource for homeowners around the globe.


Claire pursued her degree in business law from the law school of Toulouse. Later, she underwent training in quality software engineering, shaping her future role as a lead project manager. Always keen on enhancing her knowledge, she followed workshops and read many books on home improvement, cleaning techniques, and sustainable practices. Her passion for baking also led her to various culinary academies, where she honed her skills in creating delightful cakes and tarts.

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