Andrew M. Boone

Andrew is the Performance Marketing Manager at The House Wire, covering new articles on home design and DIY projects. He is a seasoned writer with a passion for what he does. His prior experience in content creation makes him excellent at leading The House Wire's team of content creators, editors, and developers.


  • Five years’ experience as a web designer
  • Experience in content writing with one of the most trusted how-to sites on the internet


After bagging two degrees from Kansas State University, one in Technical Writing, and a master’s in Communication, Andrew set up as a freelancing web designer. He quickly fit into the world of creating visual content with pictures and words.

His five years as a web designer taught him many things, including creating customer inspired content and social media management. Andrew decided to explore his love of technical writing in the fall of 2015.

He worked with the well known how-to site, wiki how for two years, writing, editing, and refining written content for large audiences. During this period, Andrew learned the best practices and structure involved in step-by-step and DIY articles that would make him an asset to TheHouseWire in the future.

While still with wikiHow, he began working with as a content Editor. With just a couple of months shy of two years, Andrew continued proofreading, correcting, and refining educational content.

Not only did he amp up his writing style and convey informative messages creatively, but he also led a team. With his profound experience and knowledge in technical writing, he helped other content writers grow in their craft.

Andrew finally joined The HouseWire team in 2018 as the Performance Marketing Manager. He now oversees the daily operations, market research, grooming of the content team, and more.


Andrew has two degrees from Kansas State University. One in Technical Writing and Professional Communication and a Master of Arts(M.A) Communication

  • Expertise: Research, Writing, Leadership, Programming, Editing, Social Media
  • Education: Kansas State University
  • Location: Kansas City, Kansas.
  • Title: Performance Marketing Manager

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