20 Art Decor Bedroom Ideas

Jeneva Aaron
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Updated May 3, 2022

Deck out your room in Art Deco.

Deck out your room in Art Deco.

its.just.living.austin Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @its . just . living . austin/Instagram

Revel in the glamorous details of these Art Deco-inspired bedrooms.

Art décoratifs, also simply called art deco, is a visual artistic style and architecture that appeared in France at the beginning of the 20th century – just before World War I. This innovative style influenced not only visual art, but jewelry design, cars, clothing, architecture, and household objects, as well.

Yet, it didn’t get its name until 1925 at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes (International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts) in Paris.

During the 1920s and 30s, the style started to spread around the world with architecture like the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building in New York City.

Art Deco is known for its luxury and richness — and even eclectic glam. When you’re designing your space, look for fancy materials (or knock-offs) like silver and precious stones.

While this design is elegant, it’s certainly not sedate. Art Deco uses bold colors and geometric designs that are really eye-catching – sometimes even a little loud.

Here are some ideas for beautiful Art Deco-inspired bedrooms to add some glamor to your space.

Art Deco-Inspired Bedroom Ideas

1.Bold Geometric Patterns

baliol.house Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @baliol . house/Instagram

To bring a flash of the ‘20s to your bedroom, why not go for a bold wallpaper print?

In this Art Deco bedroom, the repeated pattern on the walls becomes the focal point. And then the other elements of the room refer back to that.

For example, the color of the headboard matches the pink in the wallpaper. And the stripes of both the headboard and the bedding echo the vertical lines on the walls.

2.Beautiful Bees

hillheadshome Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @hillheadshome/Instagram

For a luxurious and fashionable design, try mixing black and gold. But you can also add some whimsy.

The repeated geometric bee pattern makes an excellent accent wall. And since it’s only on one wall, the dark background won’t make the room seem dim.

As well, the gold headboard brings out the gold of the bees. And the yellow lampshades increase this feeling of a golden glow.

3.Reserved Glamor

danilouisdesign Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @danilouisdesign/Instagram

You don’t have to radically change your interior design to get an Art Deco look.

For instance, this room just hints at 1920s style. The lamps, in particular, evoke the era.

The brass metallic of the table lamps in addition to the jewel-tone pillows give you a feeling of luxury. But the floral bedspread softens the look and makes it feel homier.

4.Natural Wood

georgianonthehill Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @georgianonthehill/Instagram

Highly-polished natural wood makes any room look classy. And because wood is neutral, you can pair wooden furniture with almost anything.

For example, this side table has a beautiful finish and rich color. But it doesn’t overwhelm the Art Deco headboard or lamp.

You can find expensive pieces in furniture stores. However, if you’re feeling crafty, you can refinish a used piece from a thrift store.

5.Art Deco Fan Pattern

juliancharlesuk Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @juliancharlesuk/Instagram

Art Deco design uses a lot of repeated patterns. And this bedroom takes full advantage of that.

This stunning bedding uses a repeated fan pattern. Then the headboard uses diamonds, but it echoes the rest of the bed because it’s the same color.

Even the bedside lamp adds to this look with its textured base.

All in all, this is a very refined option for a master bedroom.

6.Geometric Shapes

mrsbrumslickofchange Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @mrsbrumslickofchange/Instagram

You don’t have to save patterns for walls or bedding — you can also put them on other furniture.

For example, this patterned side table fits in perfectly with an Art Deco-style bedroom. You could even paint your own furniture like this by using masking tape for guides.

And don’t forget the other glamorous details. The metallic top is very luxurious, and the fringe on the shelf is a sweet nod to flappers.

7.Art Deco with Bold Color

victoria_road_restoration Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @victoria_road_restoration/Instagram

If you have a favorite color, splash it everywhere.

This interior designer matched everything in this Art Deco bedroom to a beautiful deep teal hue. So when you’re designing your room, consider the color of the bedding, walls, floor, and even the ceiling.

Also, keep this in mind: if your color is very dark or vibrant, keep a few features more neutral to lighten up the room.

8.Green & Pink Art Deco Bedroom

pennyfarthingpad Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @pennyfarthingpad/Instagram

Choosing opposite colors can bring harmony to your interior design. In this room, for example, the deep green and light pink work well together.

They’re perfect opposites: green is a cool color and pink is warm. Also, the green is a saturated shade, and the pink is pastel.

So, together with the off-white accents, the room feels very balanced. Of course, you can highlight your favorite colors in the artwork you hang, as well.

9.Gold Peacocks

thewyldehouse Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @thewyldehouse/Instagram

What animal will make you feel like you’re in a palace? A peacock.

This Art Deco-style wallpaper looks like many peacocks showing off their vibrant tails. But the repeated fan pattern is delicate, so it doesn’t look busy.

Plus, the teal and royal blue are very soothing colors. So, in this room, you can relax like royalty.

(And you can enjoy the beauty of peacocks without listening to their terrible cries.)

10.Gold & Diamonds

polkadot.blonde Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @polkadot . blonde/Instagram

This room is another take on blue and gold. But the interior designer opted for a more geometric style with the accent wall.

The color scheme and overlapping diamond pattern on the wallpaper evoke the 1920s. And the mirror, shaped like a cut crystal, is also pure Art Deco design.

This would be a great look for a master bedroom. Or a guest bedroom if you want to spoil your visitors.

11.Metal Headboard

nest4two Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @nest4two/Instagram

Sometimes, large pieces of furniture can make your room feel overwhelming. But a metal headboard like this gives you Art Deco style without feeling heavy.

Also, since the black metal is neutral, you can change up your bedding whenever you want a new look. You could even have different linens for each season.

In addition, this bed frame will weigh less than a solid one. So it’ll be easy to move if you ever need to.

12.Art Deco Fan Headboard

rockettstgeorge.co.uk Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @rockettstgeorge . co . uk/Instagram

Feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud with this white fan headboard. It’s the perfect focal point for an Art Deco bedroom.

This fan pattern is an iconic Art Deco design style. And whenever you see it in your room, you’ll think you’ve traveled back in time.

So, use this elegant fan design on your furniture, wallpaper, carpet, or accessories like picture frames.

13.Big Bed Bedroom

casabotelho Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @casabotelho/Instagram

The interior design of this Art Deco bedroom is based around the amazing bed. It’s an incredible statement piece.

In addition to being stylish, the frame is also functional. It would be very comfortable to lean against when reading in bed.

Plus, you can have all your nighttime necessities tucked away in the drawers.

For more inspiration or to find pieces like this, talk to the clerks at vintage stores. Or ask a furniture maker to design something you love.

14.Black & White Glamor

interior_dee Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @interior_dee/Instagram

This elegant Art Deco bedroom feels like a guest suite in Jay Gatsby’s house. You’ll be sleeping in luxury with this incredible design.

The 1920s bed frame makes the bed the star of the room, and the mirrors reflect that look. With one or two pieces like this, you can make your room Art Deco with very little effort.

But don’t forget the little details. The shell pillow and the crystal chandelier add a little extra ‘20s flair.

15.Black & Gold Chic

koubouinteriors Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @koubouinteriors/Instagram

Gold is a symbol of wealth and luxury. So, make your Art Deco bedroom feel rich.

The plush black headboard provides the foundation for the look. And the shiny gold bedding makes it even fancier.

Also, think about light fixtures when you design your space. For example, the triangular shape of these is very Art Deco, so they go very well with the bed.

16.Velvet Headboard

our_before_and_after Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @our_before_and_after/Instagram

If you spend money on only one part of your bedroom, make it your bed. Since that’s where you spend most of your time in the bedroom, you want to be comfortable in it.

And don’t just think about your mattress — how the bed looks is important too. And a headboard is a great way to express your style.

If you want something subtle and elegant, this gray velvet headboard is an excellent option. The diamonds are very refined, and the material is rich without being ostentatious.

17.Chrysler Wall

getri.home Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @getri . home/Instagram

Want to celebrate the 1920s? Why not cover your wall in Art Deco style?

This wallpaper pattern looks like the top of the Chrysler Building in New York City, a symbol of the Art Deco age.

While this wallpaper has a lot going on, the dark bed frame and side tables bring the whole room back down to earth. And then the bedding brings the two sides together.

18.Wooden Bed Frame

rachel.plotkin Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @rachel . plotkin/Instagram

In some spaces, the most elegant looks are subtle.

In this case, the thin wooden headboard is quite understated. But the gold accents on either side and on the end table make it very classy.

As well, the Art Deco light fixture and the picture frame pick up on the gold tones.

So, this is a great option for a relaxing, subdued Art Deco look.

19.Patterned Furniture

brextoncoleinteriors Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @brextoncoleinteriors/Instagram

This room is quite plain except for a few accent pieces. And those make all the difference.

For example, the patterned bench at the end of the bed is very lively and exciting. And the light fixture mirrors those energetic lines.

You could also hang a sunburst mirror to continue that motif. Or, if you want to get a little wild, you could opt for animal print furniture instead of geometric.

20.Coral Dreams

tb.stark.london Instagram art deco bedroom

Courtesy @tb . stark . london/Instagram

If you like bright colors, spread them around the room.

For example, these Art Deco beds play with different shades of coral. The walls are light pink, too — and the tree mural makes you think you’re falling asleep under a beautiful sunset.

The rich purple carpeting picks up the coral tones, as well. And the blankets bring that purple up to the beds to complete the look.

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