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The Short Story…

The inception of TheHouseWire goes back to 2017.

That was a big year for me.

I decided that going to work was not enough anymore. I needed more. I took a break from SEO analysis to… raise my three young children!

And whatever time I didn’t spend doting over the youngsters went into a lot of DIY and home improvement projects.

My (old) passion for home decoration and the importance of having a cleaned environment (meaning safety for my children) spurred me on and made it all the more exciting.

During those early periods, I explored soooo many different products, devices, and more.

Fortunately for me, my background as an SEO analyst and Internet Business Consult proved useful in my research. It helped me navigate through confusing products and services to create the home of my dreams.

And I decided to not keep all this information for me. Helping others was meaningful and this is when thehousewire.com was created.

At TheHouseWire, we (me and my team) understand that not everyone has the same background as we can have. That’s why we bring you the best reviews and resources to create the home of your dreams too.

Our Philosophy

At TheHouseWire, we’re very much in tune with the realities of our readers.

We understand that you may face some severe financial crises that prevent you from getting the Pro Max Stain Remover you saw on TV.

Others might be skeptical about specific products that are bad for the environment.

I and the rest of my team understand these needs and base our philosophy on it.

Our thinking is real.

Everyone deserves to have the home of their dream while staying within their budget and being environmentally friendly. So we always aim and show you the best easy DIY projects and examine the best products for your home and everyone.

What We Do

Home Improvement

One of our biggest motivations is helping everyone achieve their home’s full ambition, to walk into any space, and be content to call it theirs.

For our readers to make this feeling, we’re always at work reviewing and writing the best articles on products you can use to achieve this.

Our reviews and guides cover every part of your home, the paint you put on your walls, to the floor underneath your toes, and the products that keep you warm.

We hide no secrets, withhold no facts, and reveal all the tips you need to improve every aspect of your home.


The eco-friendly movement has gained some serious ground over the years. It continues to grow still.

With that in mind, our articles in this category are specific to help you navigate this change.

It’s not news that several cleaning products experiment on animals in terrible conditions. Or use compounds that are incredibly harmful to your home and the planet.

In this category, we take you through everything regarding your home’s hygiene and even personal organizing. Here you’ll find the best tips and reviews to help you stay green and stay clean.

Home Repair

When things break or become faulty in your home, it can be pretty expensive to fix.

But we specialize in easy to do DIYs that are also pocket-friendly. All by yourself, and perhaps occasionally, with a little help, you can fix some minor faults.

So, are you curious if the solution to your home’s thermostat is an easy fix, or if there’s a simple way to remove the chip on your paint?

Our step-by-step guide will take you through the process of making home repairs and even adding a little flair to your home.

We hope you find our articles on leaking taps to home security and also simple but stylish renovations, delightful.

Home Design

Due to my love for home decorating, we’re really into interior designs and décor.

You’ll find lovely ways to make your spaces genuinely your own and the best ways to maximize a room with a small area.

Let your inner interior decorator come to life with the many smart and phenomenal ideas our team has for you. You’ll even find some artistic and creative DIYs that may be what your room is missing.

Product Reviews – What To Buy

It’s quite confusing working into a supermarket and trying to identify the best product for your laundry, garden, or more.

You could spend hours on your feet just scanning the aisles and still workout with a subpar product.

It would be a great relief to be able to read the best reviews from the comfort of your own home, before going to the store.

Well, say no more.

Why Trust Us?

Accuracy & Editorial Reference

We’re passionate about helping you achieve the home of dreams. We believe in doing this.

We need to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information on product reviews and services. TheHouseWire team includes technical writers with experience in their various niches.

So every aspect we cover from cleaning to home design and decoration is reviewed by an expert consultant. 

Our widely experienced team carefully scrutinizes all our articles.

We take pride in producing Grade A content, in terms of honesty, and usefulness. While our team does their best to input personal and professional experiences, some of our content contains elements of external influence.

Still, this external input from other sources and affiliate partnerships does not influence our results.

Learn more about our product review editorial guidelines.

Advertising Disclosure

Although we partake in specific affiliate promotional programs, our readers always come first.

We will never compromise on sharing only honest reviews and tips to get paid. We can identify the best merchandise through our intense product review process and only stand by companies who produce such.

All our articles undergo research and testing free from bias and prejudice. The welfare and happiness of our audience will always take priority over affiliate deals.

We’ve put together plenty of articles on product reviews, in an exciting and informative way. Now you know what to buy to help with your cleaning, gardening, organizing and lots more.

Learn more about our advertising policy in our terms and conditions page

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Meet the Team

Editorial Team


Jeneva Aaron – Thehousewire Founder & CEO

Jeneva has over years of passion for home decorating and cleaning. She is the founder and CEO of thehousewire.com where she provides honest and objective reviews on home and cleaning products.


Andrew M. Boone – Performance Marketing Manager

Andrew is a Performance Marketing Manager at TheHouseWire. He has worked for several years as a technical writer and content editor. Alongside his management tasks, he still enjoys writing home decor & repair guides to its readers.

Flooring Specialist Expert


Harold K. Hardesty – Flooring Specialist

Harold K. Hardesty is the flooring expert of thehousewire where he writes flooring guides. In the past, he worked 6 years as sales manager – flooring specialist of high profile companies.

Housekeeping Expert


Gladys K. Connelly – HouseKeeping Technical Writer

Everyone wants to live in a clean and organized space. Gladys has a Diploma in English from Appalachian State University, and experience in teaching and housekeeping. This experience helps her write easy to understand, and helpful guides everyone can use when it comes to cleaning and organization.


We take our trusted relationship with our readers seriously, and therefore maintain a strict privacy policy and cookie policy. 

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