22 80s Bedroom Ideas We Love Today

Jeneva Aaron
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Updated March 31, 2022

An 80s themed bedroom is tubular, dude!

An 80s themed bedroom is tubular, dude!


sunflowerbybukola Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @sunflowerbybukola/Instagram


Do you want to add some retro flair to your bedroom? Choosing a 1980s home design style is a great way to create a statement in your space.

When I think of the 80s, I usually think of neon and pop art. And those are definitely iconic styles – at the complete opposite of mid-century modern aesthetic.

So if you like bright colors and bold looks, try out bright yellow, pink, and turquoise. Channel your inner MTV star!

But there are lots of other looks that were popular in the 1980s. For example, if you like a darker aesthetic, try a grunge look.

Or, if you prefer a little more glamor, try something shabby chic.

Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong if you go retro. So check out these 80s bedroom decor ideas for inspiration.

Take a chill pill and relax in an 80s bedroom – it’s totally tubular, dude!

80s Aesthetic Bedroom Decor Ideas

1.Floral Curlicues

cosyrosiecottage Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @cosyrosiecottage/Instagram

If you love interior design with intricate details, this is a great look for you! The curlicues on the chandelier and headboard add a sense of elegance.

I also love the subtle floral prints on the bedding and walls. It makes me feel like I’m in a royal garden.

2.Shabby Chic Angel

redwoodcottageok Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @redwoodcottageok/Instagram

Feel like you’re floating on clouds with this breezy bedroom. The ruffled curtains, in particular, look positively angelic.

Plus, you can have some privacy if you close them.

Also, notice the details on the lampshade, picture frame, bedding, and even the switch plate. They all complement the ruffled curtains perfectly.

3.Country Princess

yourrealtorrachael Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @yourrealtorrachael/Instagram

This room is fit for royalty vacationing at their house in the country. The curved furniture, hanging fabric, and ruffled bedding are especially elegant.

And don’t be afraid to put patterns on your walls. But you probably want to pair that with other solid colors.

In particular, try using muted colors if you choose patterns. That way, the room won’t be too overwhelming.

4.Cottage Glamor

molls_country_abode_ Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @molls_country_abode_/Instagram

This room is truly inviting. The light green paint and white accents create a feeling of openness.

And the simple wooden furniture doesn’t distract from the delicate floral pattern.

As well, you can also play with mixing colors. For example, this modern bedding would also look great in mauve, rather than pink.

5.Bright & Airy

our1897vintagefarmhouse Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @our1897vintagefarmhouse/Instagram

If you have a penchant for elegance and a feminine personality, this is a great bedroom look. Accessories like lamps, mirrors, or picture frames add to the design aesthetic.

For example, this room uses the Tiffany lamp and artificial candle bracket to evoke this decade. And the curvy mirror, retro clock, and china plates add to the glamor.

6.Pop Art Statement

iab_design Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @iab_design/Instagram

This room shows one way to create a cohesive interior design. First, choose a color palette, and decorate relatively simply.

Then, choose one showpiece that will draw the viewer’s attention. In this case, that’s the woman with sunglasses.

However, this designer cleverly added fun details to the more sedate design. These include the lampshade and textured carpet.

7.Comic Book Bedroom

jenniferullom Pinterest 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @jenniferullom/Pinterest

If you’re a comic book fan, why not go all-out in your bedroom?

This experimental look would be perfect for a child’s bedroom. (Or an adult’s!)

You can even choose your favorite quotations to put in the speech bubbles. Just unleash your design creativity!

8.Personalized Neon

neonstudio_ Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @neonstudio_/Instagram

Take pride in your design, and put your name on it!

This bold style of lighting is a hallmark of the decade. So try this trend, and write your name in lights!

You can combine the neon sign with other bold colors on your walls and bed linens. And you can even add bold, geometric patterns!

9.Pastel Neon Colors

losmaravillosos80symas Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @losmaravillosos80symas/Instagram

Neon lighting is very bright, but you don’t have to choose neon colors for it. If you go for a pastel color scheme, your room can look dreamy like this one.

Plus, the soft carpet, rounded headboard, and fluffy accents add lushness to the space.

10.Country Rose Bedroom

hayleys_home_sweet_home Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @hayleys_home_sweet_home/Instagram

Nature is a great source of inspiration. So why not make your room into a garden?

Settings like this are great for DIY projects because you can play with all the details.

For example, if you have extra silk flowers, try making garlands. Or attach petals to your lampshade.

11.Pink Floral Bedroom

just_belle Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @just_belle/Instagram

If you have a penchant for gardening, why not add some real plants? By bringing the outdoors in, you can create a soft and relaxing atmosphere.

And then matching your bedding, wallpaper, and accessories to the potted plants is a great interior design style. Just choose your favorite flowers!

12.Blue Roses

cosylittlehaven Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @cosylittlehaven/Instagram

Don’t be afraid to mix bright colors with your floral patterns. The blue walls improve the look of the space by adding some vibrancy to the bedroom.

Floral patterns aren’t just for grandmas — they’re making a comeback with modern interiors like this.

13.Simple Geometrics

needfultingsvintage Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @needfultingsvintage/Instagram

You don’t need lots of accessories to bring back this awesome decade. Something as simple as a new quilt can give you that retro feeling.

So if you want something that’s on-trend but not too expensive, start by changing a single item. And thrift stores are a great place to find cheap vintage pieces!

14.Retro Posters

meglav80sprincess Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @meglav80sprincess/Instagram

Rather than fine art, why not go for posters? Ads for movies or 1980s products will immediately bring you back to that decade.

By framing the posters, you can change the bedroom’s look from high-school to adult. Especially if you add bold accents like this checkered background.

15.Blue Pastel

rebelliousrefinement Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @rebelliousrefinement/Instagram

Blue is a very calming color, so it’s a great choice for a bedroom color scheme. But you can add excitement with patterns or textures.

In this room, the spotted walls and curling headboard add visual interest. But the pastel blue is very relaxing.

And, of course, favorite stuffed animals will make the space feel like home.

16.Candy Pastel

rebelliousrefinement Instagram 80s-bedroom-pastel

Courtesy @rebelliousrefinement/Instagram

This wallpaper reminds me a bit of jelly beans, and the color scheme makes me think of candy wafers. Altogether, this space is simply delicious.

Mixing pastels brings back this era in a relaxing way. But the design details make it really fun!

17.Neon Glam

neonfringey Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @neonfringey/Instagram

Bedroom interiors don’t have to be “normal.” Furniture like this bright blue bed makes this space very exciting.

And matching your throw pillow to the funky lighting is another stroke of genius. So, try something a little out of the ordinary!

18.Sunset Beach

bbytears16 Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @bbytears16/Instagram

Take yourself on a vacation in this beautiful bedroom. Interiors like this will make you never want to leave home!

I love how the colored accent lighting brightens up the neutral bed and furnishings. And don’t forget the potted palm tree to create a real beach experience!

19.Fairytale Garden

magicunicornvintage Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @magicunicornvintage/Instagram

Bring a quaint, fairytale feeling to this era. By matching bright colors with soft designs, you can create the perfect 1980s bedroom for your child.

And don’t be afraid to mix different imagery if it has a cohesive theme. For instance, the butterflies and flowers make me think of a lovely garden.

Let their dreams fly away like butterflies!

20.Funky Shapes

mypainthouse Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @mypainthouse/Instagram

If you love lots of energy, try filling your walls with bright shapes and colors. And then you can add patterned bedding and other accessories, too.

It’s fine if things don’t match perfectly. Remember to design the room the way you like it — no one else’s opinion matters!

21.Mix of Bright Colors

homemilk Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @homemilk/Instagram

If you’re a colorful person, design a colorful bedroom!

And there are lots of items that people don’t normally paint. But they look great if you do!

For example, the bright yellow door and lime green bed frame are two of my favorite elements in this room.
Pink Bedroom

22.Pink Bedroom

jaynespoodles Instagram 80s-bedroom

Courtesy @jaynespoodles/Instagram

If you have a favorite color, just go for it! Your interior design can focus on textures rather than different colors.

In this case, this beautiful pink room uses the same color in different shades.

So, rather than the colors drawing all the attention, you can concentrate on the little design details. For instance, the carved headboard and scallop pillows are very elegant.

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